Construction Services

Sustainability & Historic Preservation

We believe a contracting job should go beyond a single project. Our work in the present must meet the demands of the future. Therefore, we uphold a dedication to sustainability in every job we perform. To support our value of sustainability we have instituted a No-Idle Initiative for our equipment. This reduces emissions and fuel consumption in turn creating savings passed on to our customers.

Lean Construction

Here at PWS, we are leaders in the practice of Lean Principles. Our crews have the knowledge and experience to save you money on the job. We do this through communication, planning, and continuous improvement of processes.  When you work with PWS, you can have confidence that your job will be cost-effective.

Unseen Beauty in Our Cities

Although most of our work is unseen, like the storm water tanks in the Walker Sculpture Garden and the State Capital. These tanks are used to capture run-off water to prevent flooding and keep our lakes clean. We take pride in knowing that our efforts will help reduce flooding and pollution in the increasingly hardscaped city.

By placing sediment bags in manholes to reduce pollution and accurate grading we are ensuring that the structures and roads maintain their integrity for years to come. 

Historic Sites

We provide a high level of craftsmanship and knowledge of preservation to our work on historic sites. At Historic Fort Snelling accuracy and precision were key in protecting potential artifacts and the integrity of aging structures. We worked side by side with the Minnesota Historical Society and Archeologists to preserve this important piece of history through careful digging and cutting to within 1/10th of a foot. With our dedication to building communities for the future, PWS is the right choice for even the most complex and specialized jobs.

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