Construction Services


Demolition is more than knocking down a building. Your job needs the pre-planning, the flexibility to handle changing conditions, and the knowledge of how to handle potentially hazardous material that we provide. At PWS we will provide a turnkey service while also utilizing value engineering. PWS is committed to maximizing safe practices and minimizing environmental impact in all we do, but it is never more essential than in demolition.


Safety is essential for our workers while working on the job site. It also involves protecting the environment in and around the job site since this will affect the health and safety of those in the area now and in the future. 

Lean Construction

Demolition can create tons of refuse material. We operate on Lean Construction, reducing waste and cost by reusing what we can from every site. 

We documented 75% secure reuse of materials at the Hennepin Medical Examiner site! Some of the material reused was concrete which was ground up and utilized in the roadway and timber which was used to create steam power by District Energy. 

You can trust PWS to creatively reuse the maximum amount of materials and provide a clean slate when the project is done.

Quality and Integrity

PWS is committed to providing quality demolition and site preparation for residential and commercial properties with integrity and safety. This includes planning, permits, debris removal, and recycling. We have well-trained professionals who take pride in their work and strive to lower clients’ costs. So, count on us for your next demolition project.

Do you have an important project?

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