Construction Services


When someone is walking, biking, or driving, they are probably entirely unaware of the vast world of infrastructure beneath the surface of the path or the road. To plan and construct these worlds requires foresight and attention to safety.

Hydro Excavation

Keeping in line with our practices of Value Engineering, we use hydro excavation in our earthwork. With Hydro Excavation you get safer, faster, and more accurate results which will reduce any service interruptions. Since PWS owns our hydro vac equipment you can be assured that experienced and knowledgeable personnel are completing the job. 

Value Engineering

PWS is the top choice for utility installation because we work closely with companies to utilize Value Engineering during every phase of the job. PWS is responsible for the infrastructure that makes up many Twin Cities landmarks, including 

  • Allianz Field Stadium 
  • Target Field 
  • State Capitol
  • SouthWest Light Rail Project
  • US Bank Stadium

Pipe Jacking

Our decades of experience give us the expertise to work expertly around existing features and handle the most complicated specialty utility work. One of the techniques we use is pipe jacking or for smaller diameters micro tunneling. Using powerful hydraulic jacks, we’re able to provide a trenchless install of pipe through the ground for new service lines, sewer tunnels, and utilities. This results in a minimum amount of disruption to the surrounding area and is both cost and time-efficient.

Jack Bore

Utilizing our specialized equipment PWS installs utilities in the most constricted of spaces. We have expertise in the Jack and Bore method as well as pipe jacking, both of which allow a trenchless installation that does not disturb the surface above.

Communication Cabling

Our communication cabling services provide businesses with the essential infrastructure for fast, reliable, and secure data and voice connectivity, ensuring seamless operations and efficient communication. PWS installs and maintains tailored cabling solutions that empower businesses to thrive in the digital age.

Your One-Stop Shop for Site Utilities and Mass Grading

PWS has an impressive portfolio of utility projects because we are utility experts!
Have us perform your next utility project.

Do You Need a Massive Number of Utilities Installed?

PWS is part of the SouthWest Light Rail (SWLRT) Green Line Extension project which is the largest civil contract in the state of Minnesota. PWS will be installing over 20+ miles of pipe on the SWLRT through some of the most complex terrain throughout the Twin Cities.  

PWS has been successfully installing pipes through marshes, swamps, and wetlands for up to 40 feet deep in some installations. PWS coordinates installation efforts alongside federal agencies, city governments, as well as numerous other subcontractors over the 14.5 miles of light rail track.

Do You Need Massive Amounts of Dirt Moved?

Working with some of the biggest housing developers in the country we move hundreds of thousands of yards of dirt on a single site. Providing a solid base for future communities.


PWS has successfully installed the utility infrastructure for all kinds of small and large private and public projects, including private roadways. This difficult work requires a great deal of planning and proper execution. Our experts can help you plan and execute the many processes for new construction. We have the experience and the expertise to help you attain long-term success. Our work spans from major freeways to private roads, we have the capabilities you need

PWS will install the utilities or grade your project with the same focused drive and innovation we apply to every aspect of our work.

Do you have a utility project?

PWS is the innovative company you can count on to do the job right!