Construction Services


PWS is the Twin Cities’ go-to contractor for projects requiring earthwork–from the massive to the meticulous. The diversity of our company reflects a wide range of skills, knowledge, and experience. We have the equipment, size, and expertise to tackle mass commercial gradation projects while also possessing the problem-solving and delicacy required when working at precise sites.

Our Earthwork Experience

From the half-million yards of dirt that we haul for a single housing developer site to the tight drive-throughs that we excavate on small city lots, PWS has the equipment, skills, and precision you need.

Site Balancing

Our crews are skilled in balancing sites for optimal soil management. We achieve the grade you need. 

Contaminated Sites

With our expertise in the handling of contaminated dirt, we will help ensure you have a decontaminated site. Whatever the job, PWS is up to the task. 

Planning & Preparation

 PWS has safely and successfully completed earthwork jobs of all kinds. Our continuing success is the result of meticulous planning and preparation. Our earthwork process includes understanding and effectively working with various soil types, water accumulations, benching, and shoring while avoiding underground hazards. 

Safety is paramount and is achieved through planning and preparation by experienced personnel. Improper handling of soil is very dangerous and can lead to nearby buildings collapsing or even loss of life. That’s why here at PWS we have regular training on soil management and safety procedures, our experience will keep your site safe. 

If you want a contractor who prioritizes hard work, sustainability, and long-standing results, get in touch with PWS to have our Earthwork experts perform your next project!

Decommissioned Mine Reclamation

PWS provides expert level services in reclaiming decommissioned mines. We recognize the importance of safely and cost effectively reclaiming mines to a productive ecosystem. With our multidisciplinary skill set we can assist in multiple aspects of the reclamation process. From demolition and utility management to all of your earthwork needs-we have the experience and reliability you need.

Do You Have an Earthwork Project?

PWS is the innovative company you can count on to do the job right!