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Navigating the Roadblocks: Overcoming Challenges of Working with Aging Infrastructure

Welcome to the world of heavy civil subcontracting, where navigating the twists and turns of aging infrastructure can sometimes feel like a comedy of errors. As our nation’s roads, bridges, and utilities continue to age, subcontractors find themselves at the forefront of addressing the complex issues that come up. From deteriorating pipes to outdated utility...
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Drone Stockpile Calculation

PWS and Heavy Civil Construction Innovations

Heavy civil construction has long been the backbone of infrastructure development,shaping the way societies function and grow. From roads to tunnels to the very groundour buildings are sitting on these projects are essential for economic progress and thewell-being of communities. In recent years, the industry has witnessed a remarkabletransformation driven by emerging technologies and innovative...
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Mental Health or Why is everyone angering me?

In the Midwest, this can be a particularly trying time of year for people in the contracting world. Daylight hours are short, many in our industry are laid off, and those working face harsh winter conditions. Add to that the old ideas that people need to be stoic, a tough guy that just gets it...
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Jack and Bore at construction site

Jackbore Safety

Why are you showing me that boring picture? Well, it is a boring picture, a Jack and Bore picture. Bah dum cha Jack and Bore—What is it? With it we are able to do a trenchless install of pipe. Why you ask? Well study the picture. At first glance it probably doesn’t look very interesting....
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Mass Grading, PWS machinery in Action

The Reserve at Autumn Woods by Lennar

“Hey Bob, what do you think they’re digging over there?” PWS is performing mass grading for Lennar.  Grading is the first stage of leveling the ground to prepare for the creation of new roadways, constructing buildings and preparing for whatever comes next. Mass grading is taking it to the next level, and dirt is leveled...
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